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Boost your Restaurant’s Instagram Appeal

Food photos make up the most popular content on social media, ranking up there with pictures of babies and cat videos. The right food photo can make your followers’ mouths water and encourage them to try the featured dish themselves. This is especially important for your restaurant’s Instagram

This is both good and bad news for restaurant owners. While posting photos of your restaurant’s food certainly provides engaging on-going content for your social media channels, how does one make sure each photo looks enticing and properly represents the appeal of your restaurant?

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring a food photographer, unless you really want to. Your diners, after all, are taking pictures of meals and uploading them every day.

You just need to keep a few tips in mind so photos of your restaurant’s food are always Instagram-ready and worthy for sharing.  

Take Photos in Natural Daylight

We sometimes think that the settings and filters on our phone’s camera are needed to create great looking photos. In reality, food photographs best in natural daylight. If possible, shoot your food outside or next to a window. Late morning (around 10 AM) and mid-afternoon (3 PM) tends to produce the best results.

Experiment With Different Angles

Food doesn’t have to be photographed with a bird’s eye view or from the side. Sometimes experimenting with the angles a bit can produce an enticing and thought-provoking image. Rotate the dish around and take a few shots to see which one works best.

Whatever photos you take, make sure the focus is on the food and that it takes up the majority of the shot. You obviously don’t want a lot of white space surrounding the subject or to snap pictures from far away. However, if you have interesting walls or decor, consider taking a photo of a lone cocktail or appetizer sitting on a table with artwork in the background. This option can set a mood and showcase your restaurant’s atmosphere.

Make Sure It’s Garnished

The sprig of parsley or other garnish that would adorn the plate before bringing it to a table should be included before taking a photo. It may seem like a trivial detail, but it signals to the viewer that the meal is officially ready to eat.

Include a Drink and Cutlery

Photograph your food with one of your restaurant’s specialty cocktails or beverages next to it for added impact. Including a folded-up napkin or piece of cutlery next to the plate can further enhance that it’s “ready to eat.”

To make your food really enticing, photograph it with some of it sitting on a fork or spoon next to the rest of the meal. Now it’s just waiting to be eaten, and followers are going to wish they could have a taste for themselves!

Make Minor Corrections, But Keep it Real

You should open the photo using image editing software and make minor changes to improve the brightness, contrast, and color saturation. However, you should keep these on the mild side because making noticeable changes could cause your restaurant’s offerings to look better in photographs than in person. This is just going to disappoint customers and it could come across as a little deceitful so keep it real when making enhancements.

The Right Food Photos Can Make a Difference

It’s well worth taking some time to make sure each photo of your menu’s offerings makes people want to visit your restaurant. If one of your customers takes a fantastic shot of your food and posts it on social media, ask them for permission to share it, and give them credit when you do.

But Don’t Stop with Food Photos

Food photography is, of course, necessary for a restaurant’s Instagram and other social media, but that’s not all your guests will want to see. For more ideas on how to make the most of your restaurant’s Instagram presence, check out this article.

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