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Front of House

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All cost-savings provided by this ROI calculator are estimates and individual savings will vary. TableUp does not guarantee these savings will be achieved. No business decisions should be made without you qualifying the purchase yourself, and conducting your own research.

Restaurant Growth Calculator

Purchasing new restaurant technology can seem daunting at times. It’s difficult to quantify the benefits and whether the return on investment is worth it. To make this decision easier, we’ve created a simple calculator that will give you visibility into the impact TableUp could have on your business.

Simply fill in the form on the left, and see how your current (benchmark) performance compares against others using our platform.

Front of House

Increase table turnover, decrease wait times, manage online reservations and wait lists, and provide a personalized dining experience, all though one easy-to-use host interface.

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Online Ordering

Open new revenue channels by introducing online ordering for both takeout and dine-in. Extend guest engagement with convenient features such as wait list pre-ordering and pay-at-table – all integrated into your existing POS.

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Loyalty Rewards

Reward guests for their loyalty – and encourage repeat business – through customized rewards programs designed to engage guests of all ages and interests.

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