A Guest’s Mobile Experience Should Never be Overlooked

You already know that people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, and there’s no doubt you’ve seen your own customers perusing their phones while they wait for their tables to be ready. So what if there was a way to capture value for your restaurant in these moments? When your restaurant offers a web app or native app to guests, they can be connected with your brand before, during, and after their dining experience.

A web app has the same functionality as a native app but without the need for guests to actually go through with a download, which is often a barrier to engagement. And in today’s tech-obsessed culture, it’s more important than ever for restaurants to stay ahead of the technology curve. 

A survey by Boston Retail Partners and Windstream Enterprise found that Wi-Fi availability and the ability to order ahead digitally are high on diners’ wish list. 63% of respondents also said access to online discounts and promotions was important when choosing a quick-service restaurant. 

Even though this study focused on casual dining, the truth is any kind of restaurant can benefit from offering a guest app to its customers.

Eliminates the Need For Pagers

When you use an integrated guest app with your restaurant’s POS, physical pagers can be left in the past. Instead, your diners can access the guest app to monitor their estimated wait time for their table. This decreases the chance they’ll walk out (sometimes still holding onto your pagers), and it also means your hosts won’t be asked “how much longer?” as they’re answering the phone and tending to other customers. 

Increases Table Turnover

Your diners can also get a jump on pre-ordering their meals through the app, adding convenience to their lives and increased table turnover to yours. You can also enable it to accept mobile payments, making the checkout process more efficient so you can help guests leave faster and prep the table for the next dining party.

Gives Access to a Loyalty Program

A guest app gives diners access to your loyalty program, which can be customized for their dining preferences and buying history. They can see if they have any active promotions or rewards. Moving your restaurant’s loyalty program to a cloud-based system eliminates physical cards, which people often lose or forget to bring with them. 

Makes Your Restaurant Accessible From Any Device

A guest app gives customers access to your restaurant through any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. If your restaurant offers online ordering, an app can allow guests to conveniently place take-out orders directly from their devices. They can also provide reviews and other real-time feedback for you and your staff during or after their dining experience. 

Delivers a Consistent Branding Experience

No matter which device a customer uses to access the app, they’ll be greeted with the same branding elements and features. In addition to offering the options outlined above, you can list locations, include an “about us” section, etc. A guest app can be customized to fit your restaurant’s personality and offerings.

When it comes to guest engagement, technology is on your side, but you have to take advantage of it.

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