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Building a Successful Restaurant Loyalty Program

What’s this all about?

Creating a restaurant loyalty program that actually gets your guests attention, one that really motivates them to come back to your restaurant? That sounds pretty great, right?

Loyalty programs are usually just punch cards: buy 10 slices, get one free. But these are limited, they don’t make sense for most restaurants, and they are no longer the only option.

And there’s even more good news. These programs can be customized and automated. You can base them on your guests’ history and make them easy to use for your staff and for your guests.

Find any of this a little bit interesting? Check out these best practices on how to implement a more effective loyalty program for your restaurant.

Where did you get the data from?

We gathered it from over 600 restaurants and backed it up with industry data. We’re confident this paper will resonate with you since most restaurants share common challenges.

Is there a cost to the guide?

There is no cost. Simply fill in the form, and we’ll email your complimentary copy.

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